Build As You Want; Scale As You Need

Azure IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is an instant, scalable, cloud computing infrastructure which resides in an Azure datacenter. With Azure IaaS, you move your physical infrastructure to virtual machines and, you can scale up and down your resources based on your needs, as well as choose their capacity while only paying for what you use.

Azure IaaS is your virtual data center with built-in security features where you can store and backup data, develop and test environments, build web apps, host websites and run virtual machines. However, you are responsible for managing and maintaining the backups and the platform’s ongoing security; or you can outsource this maintenance to a trusted Microsoft Gold partner such as Softlanding.

Azure Infra 2

Azure Infrastructure Key Features

Azure IaaS offers a comprehensive compute, networking and storage platform that offers flexibility, reliability, security, and scalability to meet all your business objectives.

Azure Infrastructure Consulting & Professional Services

At Softlanding, our team of consultants has the expertise and experience in delivering public, hybrid and cloud solutions on Azure to help you streamline your IT infrastructure.

From data security to application migration and virtualization, to cloud migrations, we can help you harness the power of Azure IaaS.

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Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Cloud-based infrastructure offers many advantages in scalability, security, and efficiency. Yet, many organizations exceed their cloud budgets or struggle to create an effective cloud management strategy.

Together, we can help you realize the benefits of Microsoft Azure and help your organization optimize performance and costs, quickly resolve issues, and support your employees.

Azure MS

Azure Migration Planning

Our Azure Migration Planning service provides a streamlined roadmap for your efficient transition to the cloud, maximizing Azure’s benefits for your organization.

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