Analyze Data with SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive, relational database management system. It offers rapid and accurate insights into all your business data, giving you an instant snapshot of your company’s long-term and short-term performance. The Microsoft SQL Server slots easily into a hybrid cloud and on-premises environment, and it offers your company industry-leading data security, data monitoring, and compliance features. It’s also entirely scalable to your unique business needs, meaning it can grow right alongside your company.


Key Benefits

SQL Server is not just a database engine; it provides many other services, tools, and applications.

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Rapid Information Analysis

With the SQL Server platform, you can turn raw business data into the answers you need. The SQL Server lets you quickly access, analyze, and shape data, helping you improve your company's processing power.

Analyze All Data

Analyze All Data

The SQL Server platform analyzes all types of data, whether it's structured or unstructured, external or internal. Since you can query all data types, you can now manage your big data environment with ease.

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Swift Decision Making

With the right answers at your fingertips, SQL Server empowers you to take your company in bold new directions. Get high availability for all your mission-critical applications, and improve your database response time.

improved compliance

Improved Compliance

Built-in data protection, classification, and monitoring features help protect your critical data and uphold your privacy obligations. SQL Server is one of the easiest, fastest, and securest ways to achieve your compliance goals.

Professional Services

Softlanding offers different services to deploy, administer and optimize your SQL server database.

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Modernize Your IT Environment

We can help upgrade or migrate to the latest versions of SQL Server or to Azure by running an assessment to make the transition as seamless as possible, initiate the upgrade/migration, ensure that everything is running as expected or better.

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Maximize Your Investment

A database engine is like a car engine, it needs maintenance and perhaps enhancements depending on what you are doing. We can evaluate your system, find the areas for improvement, and implement them for you from infrastructure down to the code.

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Secure Your Data

Most data breaches are coming from internal sources, not maliciously but typically by mistakes. Securing your database platform with governance and tools can protect from outside attackers and internal accidents. We can evaluate your database systems to make sure they are compliant with your industry standards and following best practices.

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Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Depending on how you implement SQL Server in your environment or in the cloud there will be some ongoing operational needs.

Our Managed Services team can help fill that operational role in any capacity that your organization needs:

  • Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Index Maintenance
  • Access Control
  • Keep it running

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