Build Your Data Foundation

Becoming data-driven starts with a solid data foundation. Your business is generating a lot of structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources and, across the various silos of your organization. As a result, making sense of all this data can be incredibly challenging. Softlanding can help you collect meaningful data across the enterprise, organize it for consumption, and build the appropriate analytics infrastructure for it.

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And Empower Your Organization with Analytics

Once you have the right data, you can use analytics platforms such as PowerBI to explore and analyze the data. Data Scientists can use various tools to find correlations and anomalies leveraging Machine Learning. Softlanding can help with setting up this environment and coaching the data professionals in finding meaningful insights into your business.

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How It Works

Advanced Analytics Services

There are many ways to bring your data together and make sense of it. No matter where you are in your data journey, Softlanding can guide you to a solution that is robust, reliable, and will empower your team to make more informed decisions.

Step 1: Build a Data & Analytics Strategy

We will help you design a data strategy by assessing your data readiness, identifying your different data points and the current forms they are in and, translate your analytics initiatives into meaningful business outcomes.

Step 2: Design Adequate Data Architecture

Having the right architecture to store your data and share it across your organization is paramount if you want to make good use of it. Depending on what stage you’re at, we can build data lakes (for raw data) or create a data warehouse (for processed data) to help your staff and systems consume and process it.

Step 3: Ensure Data Quality

You’re generating a high volume of information from siloed sources which might create some issues such as entries duplicate, data inaccuracy, the uncertainty of data provenance and, data breach risk. Our experts can help you collect, review, clean, and model the data you need to ensure the data you have is reliable and business-ready.

Step 4: Make Data Accessible

A picture is often worth a thousand words. We can set up and customize user-friendly data visualization tools such as PowerBI, allowing your employees to interpret large data sets easily with graphs, tables, maps, reports, and simulations. This way, everyone can leverage business intelligence to make more informed decisions.

Step 5: Expand The Horizon

Now that you have achieved the analytics you were aiming at, expand! Create new models to encapsulate more data with more hierarchies and aggregations. Leverage the tools to explore Artificial Intelligence and how it can help you discover deeper insights to drive actionable actions. We can help you implement all of these goals.


Azure Synapse Analytics Offering

Softlanding’s Azure Synapse Analytics offering gives you a strong foundation of Big Data Analytics on a scalable platform, a data model that will serve some Power BI reports, and finally, a platform to start diving into machine learning and Spark analytics for various Data Science exploration.

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