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Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service that runs in Azure and that allows you to deploy and scale virtualized Windows 10 and server desktops and apps. In other words, it enables users to have access to a complete modern desktop from any device, offering complete security and compliance.

As remote work is becoming the new normal, businesses need to extend their remote work infrastructure to provide a robust desktop environment to their employees no matter where they work. Azure Virtual Desktop allows you to provide a secure and productive experience without buying additional hardware, therefore lowering costs and improving flexibility.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Key Features

Deploying Azure Virtual Desktop brings many benefits to your organization.
At Softlanding, our consultants can help you deploy and scale your virtualization requirements to ensure you will make the most out of your investment.

Azure Virtual Desktop Services

Deploying and scaling Azure Virtual Desktop at a large scale can be complex. Our cloud experts can help you make the transition smoothly while ensuring your organization will get the benefits of the cloud.

In addition to the production deployment, Softlanding can provide training and post-implement support through our service desk to lighten the load on your IT team.

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Boost productivity with Azure Virtual Desktop LPR from Softlanding, streamlining remote desktop access for your team, and ensuring high productivity while working from home.