How Softlanding Can Help Your Company with IT Services for Real Estate Businesses

The Real Estate industry is dynamic and evolving rapidly thanks to technology. To stay on top of the competition, real estate businesses must leverage technology to meet their client’s needs and achieve operational excellence while ensuring data security and protection.

At Softlanding, we understand the challenges and needs of real estate businesses. Our experts help you improve IT performance and efficiency, leverage data to gain insights as well as achieve security and compliance.

Softlanding has been a trusted partner for many realtors and developers for the past 20 years. We’ve helped various Real Estate companies modernize their IT infrastructure, leverage data & analytics to gain valuable insights and strengthen their security posture to meet industry regulations.


A few years ago, the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) went from an industry self-regulating body to a full-fledged Provincial Crown appointed Board and new CEO.

As a long-time industry regulator with a limited mandate, the RECBC had a technology infrastructure from times past: ageing desktops on a workgroup, on-premises server infrastructure, shared passwords, poor security management, cumbersome remote access, antiquated IT processes, and an under-resourced  IT team consumed with service tickets.  As a newly minted entity subject to Crown corporation requirements, standards for privacy and security suddenly jumped. The organization’s obligations to the citizens of BC jumped as well, and with it, an increased opportunity to leverage business-changing technology.

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“This was an ambitious modernization initiative that required a strategic partner with an incredible range of expertise, not only in the technologies chosen, but in our business of regulation. Softlanding not only rose to the occasion but consistently adjusted to the dynamic cadence required. We have the buy-in from RECBC’s leadership team, the right strategic partner in Softlanding and the support of the employees. This is a combination we plan to keep for a long time.”

senior technology Manager, recbc

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