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Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most powerful business collaboration and content management platforms with limitless capabilities. You can easily share and store files, comply with security requirements, and it gives your organization the tools to enhance business processes. The cloud version of SharePoint, SharePoint Online, brings additional integration features with other cloud applications to increase working efficiency even more.

However, power brings complexity and, SharePoint environments require in-depth knowledge and expertise to deploy and maintain. Partnering with the right IT partner is therefore paramount if you want to maximize your investment and achieve peace of mind.

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Key Benefits

As an open-ended platform, SharePoint can be configured and customized to your unique requirements. Despite its flexible nature, SharePoint brings many benefits to organizations willing to increase productivity.

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Robust Security & Integrity

SharePoint allows tighter security controls, continuous updates, and more efficient backup protocols. The built-in security features of the platform also help to protect the integrity of data from unauthorized use or access.

Effortless Collaboration

Effortless Collaboration

SharePoint helps team members to communicate and share information across devices and applications and throughout the project's lifecycle. Adopting SharePoint enables the centralization of resources and facilitate communication and teamwork.

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Simplified Information Exchange

SharePoint offers centralized information consolidation and provides simplified access to resources and data through alerts/notifications. SharePoint sites can also be consolidated to work seamlessly with your other Microsoft apps.

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Improved Productivity

SharePoint enables efficient data management and information sharing by giving employees a choice and control over the content they see. It gives a better user experience and facilitates participation, collaboration, and teamwork for enhanced productivity.

Professional Services

As a Microsoft Gold SharePoint partner, Softlanding has deployed and supported hundreds of SharePoint platforms and will work with your organization to help you make the most of your investment.

SharePoint Migration/Upgrade

SharePoint Migration/Upgrade

Whether you want to migrate to SharePoint Online from on-premises or upgrade to a more recent version of SharePoint or deploy a hybrid version of the platform, Softlanding can help you make the transition smoothly and securely.

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SharePoint Custom Solution Development

Our SharePoint experts can help you create custom SharePoint sites and site elements to meet your specific business requirements. SharePoint customization spans applications or custom features such as reporting, search, document management systems, business intelligence, etc.

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sharepoint support

SharePoint Support Services

Softlanding offers support services for all versions of SharePoint. Our experts can support your IT team with all aspects of administration and configuration and can help resolve complex issues as they arise.

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SharePoint Managed Services

Maintaining and maximizing your SharePoint environment can be a real challenge and the last thing you want is to waste your time, resources and energy running and managing the platform.

Softlanding SharePoint Managed Services alleviate your IT staff from daily SharePoint administration tasks and proactively monitor the platform to ensure SharePoint runs smoothly and is utilized so that you can reap the benefits.

Managed Productivity Services

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