The Future Starts Today

With the rise of mobile technology, today’s workforce has become more mobile, remote and, always-on requiring a flexible and collaborative work experience on any device, anytime, anywhere. This is a critical time for executives and IT leaders; the modern workplace has already arrived and is now a business imperative if you want to stay relevant to your employees and customers.

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And Requires a New Approach

While technology plays a critical role, transforming the workplace requires a holistic strategy that also integrates cybersecurity, operational processes, work culture change and user experience. Workplace modernization is an essential ingredient of building a successful digital transformation and requires a new approach to unlock the value of your workforce.

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How It Works

Workplace Modernization Services

Our end-to-end workplace modernization services leverage the power of Microsoft 365 and include strategy and IT governance, implementation and migration, change management, and ongoing managed services.

Step 1: Assess Your Digital Workplace Maturity & Establish Roadmap

During this initial phase, our experts will work with your team to complete a comprehensive evaluation of your environment, identify specific challenges and opportunities and build an actionable digital strategy.

Step 2: Prioritize Modernization Activities

Your workplace modernization plan should align with your business and digital transformation goals.

Our experts will identify and prioritize key activities throughout all your internal departments to modernize your workplace experience to drive productivity and employee engagement.

Step 3: Build Your Plan

We will deliver a short and long-term plan that establishes the correct parameters and illustrate the main milestones and key performance indicators to ensure you hit your goals and enable a true transformation.

Step 4: Design Modern Workplace Tailored to Your Needs

Every business is unique and we will make sure to design a solution that will meet your employee’s needs. Whether you’re just starting your workplace modernization journey or want to accelerate, we can provide a custom-made solution leveraging both our professional and managed services.

Step 5: Implement, Upgrade, Migrate

We will support the implementation, upgrade or migration of the selected Microsoft cloud solution to ensure a quick and secure deployment/migration and guarantee business continuity.

Step 6: Training, Adoption and Change Management

Modernizing the workplace experience involves significant change. To make the transition smoother, we will provide your users with an effective training program to facilitate a successful technology adoption combined with a robust adoption and change management plan to instill change through culture, behaviour, processes and technology.

Step 7: Continuously Improve the Modern Workplace Experience

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, Softlanding can fully manage your modern workplace solution with dedicated support and help improve employee experience and streamline operations and workflows.

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