BluEarth Renewables is a leading, independent, power producer headquartered in Calgary that acquires, develops, builds, owns and operates wind, hydro and solar facilities across North America.


One of the challenges that BluEarth Renewables faced was their complex and redundant data centre setup, which involved a lot of replications between their Montreal and Calgary Data centres. They wanted to streamline their infrastructure as well as leverage the benefits of cloud computing, such as scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. To achieve this goal, they evaluated two major cloud providers, as they wanted to have a provider with a large footprint throughout North America. After further consideration, they opted for Azure and partnered with Softlanding to migrate to the cloud, impressed by Softlanding’s response and strong relationship with Microsoft as a Solutions Partner.

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The first step of the project was to design and plan the new Azure Landing Zone following the Cloud Adoption Framework and plan the cloud migration roadmap. This would ensure a consistent and organized structure for BluEarth Renewables to migrate and manage their cloud environment. Softlanding assisted with the design and configuration of the Azure network with 3rd party firewalls, which included creating subnets for different security zones. This would enable BluEarth Renewables to isolate and protect their workloads from unauthorized access and potential threats.

BluEarth Renewables faced some challenges during their cloud migration process. Early on during the deployment phase it was determined that the method used to deploy their existing servers, caused issues which prevented a lift and shift migration, along with some unknown 3rd party firewall requirements, which were all promptly discussed and resolved with the assistance of the Softlanding team. As a result, BluEarth Renewables successfully migrated to the cloud with less difficulty and delay.

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  • Simplified IT Management

Before moving to Microsoft Azure, BluEarth Renewables relied on three third-party providers to manage and maintain their data centre, which meant that they had to submit tickets and wait for someone to change or fix things in the data centre. This process was not efficient and by moving to the Azure, BluEarth Renewables was able to streamline the management and maintenance of their data in the cloud.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

BluEarth Renewables had two data centres in Canada, one in Calgary and another one in Montreal, where it stored and processed its data. However, this setup required constant replication of data between the two locations, which increased the costs. By moving to Azure and removing these two data centres, along with Azure Hybrid Benefits and Reserved Instances, BluEarth Renewables was able to reduce its costs by over 25% compared to what it was paying for the data centres.

  • Enhanced Security

BluEarth Renewables followed Microsoft and Softlanding’s best practices of network design and created multiple subnets for different platforms with 3rd party firewalls. This enhanced their security and prevented potential attacks from spreading across the entire environment.

  • Better Scalability

Moving to Azure enabled BluEarth Renewables to increase their scalability which was not possible with their data centres as the resources were capped. With Azure, they can scale up or down their computing resources as needed.

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