The City of Lethbridge, Alberta, transformed their IT landscape by establishing a digital workplace strategy.

The city was looking to:

  • Simplify and consolidate their current application catalogue
  • Retire their outdated processes
  • Identify areas of opportunity for an enhanced digital workplace within the organization
  • Gain an understanding of what tools and technologies can be used to establish a digital workplace at the city



The City of Lethbridge needed a trusted partner to help them solve their business roadblocks and understand what was fully possible with their current Microsoft 365 investment.

Softlanding recommended a Managed Transformation engagement that would be customized to their IT journey. The Managed Transformation engagement would provide the City of Lethbridge with a blueprint for adopting a modern digital workplace by maximizing their investment in Microsoft 365. This would lead to gaining a market advantage and enhanced employee engagement/satisfaction.

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Softlanding worked closely with The City of Lethbridge to provide 1-on-1 discovery sessions with their various departments to best understand the organization’s goals, opportunities, and barriers. Workshops were held to envision how technology can enable the operational improvements for the City and possible solutions were identified.

A roadmap was built that would deliver actionable insights for implementing innovative change. Working with Softlanding’s à la carte menu, the City of Lethbridge was able to customize their transformation journey to fit their needs and focus on the processes and technologies that directly addressed their challenges. A comprehensive roadmap was provided which addressed topics such as strategic objectives, short term action items, governance, evolution of roles and business impact.

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Redefined IT

  • The City of Lethbridge was able to enhance the capabilities of their IT department by using cloud-focused training, process optimization, and role re-focusing.

Maximize the value of their O365 investment

  • By maximizing their Office 365 investment, The City of Lethbridge was able to enhance productivity, security, and organizational well-being.

Boost Innovation

  • The City of Lethbridge established a plan to modernize their workforce by implementing smart tools that work to increase performance and advance your business innovation.

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