Maximize Productivity & Minimize Risk

Cloud technology offers modern organizations some tremendous advantages to become more flexible, productive & secure and, therefore, competitive. Managing and maintaining in-house servers or hardware has become costly, cumbersome, and energy-intensive. That is why many Canadian organizations are moving to the cloud to provide their staff the flexibility to work from any time, anywhere, and from any device while saving time and costs.

As a longstanding Microsoft Gold partner, Softlanding has deep expertise and knowledge with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure to help you build the Modern Workplace and improve productivity, communication & collaboration while enhancing security & compliance. Our cloud consultants have been handling cloud migrations for 12+ years to many different industries and will ensure your move to the cloud will set your business up for success.

Cloud Services in Vancouver

Softlanding’s cloud services have designed to assist you every step of the way in your cloud journey. Our seasoned consultants will help you leverage cloud technology and ensure availability, scalability, performance, and security.

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Cloud Roadmap & Strategy

Moving to the cloud brings many benefits but, without a solid analysis and proper planning, your organization might be exposed to security and operational risks. Our cloud consultants are here to guide you during your cloud journey and it starts with documenting the reason for migration and the difference it makes to the business. To achieve this, we start with a cloud roadmap to understand your business goals, IT infrastructure and evaluate the readiness of your organization before moving to the cloud.

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Cloud Migration

Our certified cloud experts can assist you in your cloud migration journey whether your applications run on on-premises or in the cloud. We can help you migrate the most complex workloads efficiently, with little downtime. Our team will work closely to support your organization throughout the entire process, so you can prioritize your business.
organization. Gain all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace and transform the way your employees work, both internally and externally. Implementing a rich collaborative workplace

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Legacy App Modernization

Application modernization helps your organization refactor or re-purpose legacy apps to make them cost-effective, resilient and relevant and aligned with your current business needs. Softlanding provides application modernization that is business-centric, focusing on making legacy systems more agile and efficient through the use of Cloud technology, intelligent automation, and streamlined processes. We offer a range of services to help organizations get the most value from modernizing existing applications to meet current and future business objectives.

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Cloud Managed Services

As organizations run on information, they need end-to-end cloud management to prevent cyber threats, data loss, and downtime. Softlanding’s Cloud Managed Services provide comprehensive cloud management support to your organization with the ongoing maintenance and management of your cloud environment to ensure it is running smoothly and securely. We will also help you optimize costs to help you make the most out of your cloud platform and get the return on investment you deserve.

Technologies We Know

We focus exclusively on Microsoft technology whether it is on-prem or cloud-based, and we use our expertise to ensure our clients have the best solutions to solve their business challenges.

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Development Services

Let us help your business get the most value from its applications and legacy systems to meet your business goals and enhance user’s productivity now and in the future. Application integration Application Planning, Design, and Architecture Application Development Application Modernization Web Development

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Organizational Change Management

We provide your business with a framework and set of tools to achieve expected benefits and organizational objectives while putting people at the heart of change. Strategy Communication Engagement

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IT Security Optimization

Softlanding’s security services are designed to help you transform your IT security from reactive to proactive by defining your strategy, bridging the gaps in your IT security and compliance and automating processes to stay ahead of threats.

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