The modern world relies heavily on shared content and collaborative working methods. Dynamic workflows depend on flexible team structures and shared access to data, files, and digital resources online. Over the last few years, SharePoint has emerged as the single best way to manage content, knowledge, and applications over a private intranet. From on-premises PCs to household Macs and field devices, this powerful tool is a great way to empower teamwork and collaborate seamlessly from any location.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why SharePoint is your best intranet option.

1. Recognized industry standard

SharePoint is the world’s most trusted technology for intranets. As the recognized industry standard, it’s an essential tool for numerous businesses across the world. SharePoint has taken out various intranet awards, including Nielsen Norman Group’s annual top ten intranets and the Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards. While popularity alone is not reason enough to adopt new tools, the ubiquitous nature of this technology makes it easier to work with partners, share resources, and deliver expertise.

2. Extensive feature set

SharePoint offers a wide array of useful features, many of which are not available on other services. It opens up a huge variety of options for your intranet, including document and task management, asset libraries, and security information management. SharePoint offers both intranet-out-of-the-box and intranet-in-a-box products, many of which offer additional site templates and page layouts. Users have access to tighter controls, better integration, and stronger governance with a proven turnkey solution.

3. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Integration

As an important part of the Microsoft 365 suite, SharePoint delivers outstanding value in a recognizable and highly efficient package. SharePoint users can leverage the many features of Microsoft 365 and work with numerous products available through this platform. Additionally, users have access to a wide and ever-growing list of new features, versions, and improvements at no extra cost. Along with Microsoft 365, a SharePoint intranet can also integrate with other Microsoft products, including Yammer, Teams, and OneDrive among others.

4. Integration with other systems

Along with Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft products, SharePoint also integrates with other software products and services. Third-party integration is incredibly important in the business world, with a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and content relationship management (CRM) systems supported. While SharePoint is incredibly robust and undeniably Microsoft, it’s also an agile and highly customizable tool that enables the quick and effective sharing of information between various systems.

5. Flexible and scalable

SharePoint can be easily adapted to meet the needs of your organization. Whether you run a small family business, an emerging operation, or a multi-national company, this useful tool is extremely flexible and completely scalable based on need. With a SharePoint intranet, users can access comprehensive communication and collaboration tools, internal content services, search and findability support, and so much more. Features are easy to customize and change over time, which is the perfect foundation for an efficient digital workplace.


6. Suitable for diverse publishing needs

A Microsoft SharePoint intranet is the ideal solution for most publishing needs. Regardless of your size or sector, intranets deliver value based on the quality of information shared. SharePoint offers a variety of content publishing and management tools focused on safe and effective internal communications. It delivers a range of sophisticated content publishing features from a single location, including approval workflows, news templates, editorial calendars, automated content reviews, and much more.

7. Deep collaboration and social tools

Modern workflows rely heavily on collaboration and socialization. SharePoint offers a variety of integrated social features to inspire teamwork from any location. It provides traditional on-premises solutions and offers an advanced mobile feature set for deep collaboration. From Yammer support to Office 365 and “Follow” features, the SharePoint intranet has become an interactive social system for modern workplaces. Just like a social media tool, it fosters and improves communication through information sharing.

8. Document sharing and management

Most organizations have a document-centric approach, with information shared in specific formats via recognized channels at designated time periods. SharePoint delivers a comprehensive document library for the efficient sharing and distribution of documents. This proven document-sharing model ensures the easy distribution of information. This is essential for workplace collaboration and helps to broaden the professional knowledge base. SharePoint libraries can be integrated across the SharePoint intranet.

9. Personalization capabilities

SharePoint offers a number of personalization and content targeting controls, including deep segmentation based on groups, individuals, and locations. While data sharing is central to most business enterprises, you don’t have to share the same information with the same people. When you target people directly with tailored content, you can enhance visibility, improve engagement, and inspire real-world action. SharePoint links specific themes with active directory profiles for a truly customizable solution.

10. Enhanced security features

Microsoft is well-known for its mature security and compliance stance. When establishing a Microsoft SharePoint intranet, you can control a wide range of accessibility and security options. From individual documents to user groups and teams, you can define and manage work resources with predefined security settings. Unlike patchwork solutions, SharePoint is a single unified platform with known and established workflows. It allows you to establish systems, manage teams, and monitor employee behaviour in line with company policies.


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